Associate Professor & Concordia University Research Chair 
in Supply Chain Management

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Xiao Huang is an Associate Professor and the Concordia University Research Chair in Supply Chain Management at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. Her research focuses on strategic interactions among supply chain members as well as data-driven and behavioural-driven decision makings in supply chains. Specifically, she applies game theory, stochastic modelling and data analysis in analyzing issues related to the competition and cooperation in supply chains, supply chain risk management, pricing and product design, on both the strategic and operational ends. Her research entails the relation between operations and other business functions such as marketing, finance and management.

Professor Huang received her Ph.D. in Operations Management from the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California in 2009, M.Sc., in Mathematical Finance from the University of Southern California in 2008, and B.E. in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2004.


Huang, X., G. Sošić and G. Kersten. 2017. Selling Through Priceline? On the Impact of Name-Your-Own-Price in Competitive MarketIISE Transactions. 49 (3) 304-319. [Download] 
 - Best Paper in 2018 IISE Transactions, Focused Issue on Design and Manufacturing. 
 - Media Coverage: CJAD 800 The Natasha Hall Show, July 2017. 

Huang, X., T. Boyacı, M. Gümüş, S. Ray, D. Zhang. 2016. United We Stand or Divided We Stand? Strategic Supplier Alliances Under Order Default Risk. Management Science. 62 (5) 1297-1315.  [Download] 

Li, Y., X. Huang. 2015. A One-Vendor Multiple-Buyer Production-Distribution System: The Value of Vendor Managed Inventory. INFOR. 53 (1) 13-25.  [Download] 

Huang, X., M. Nagarajan, G. Sošić. 2013. Some Implications of Pricing BundlesNaval Research Logistics. 60 (3) 237-250. [Download] 

Huang, X. 2013. A Review on Policies and Supply Chain Relationships under Inventory Transshipment. Bulletin of Statistics and Operations Research. 29 (1) 21-42. [Download] 

Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2010. Analysis of Industry Equilibria in Models with Sustaining and Disruptive Technology. European Journal of Operations Research. 207 (1) 238-248. [Download]
 Media Coverage: Carolina Newswire, October 2008.  

Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2010. Transshipment of Inventories: Dual Allocations vs. Transshipment Prices. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 12 (2) 299-318. [Download] 

Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2010. Repeated Newsvendor Game with Transshipments under Dual Allocations. European Journal of Operations Research. 204 (2) 274-284. [Download] 


Xiao, V., H. Huang. 2015. Elevate Shared Service Operations to New Levels. Boao Review. October 2015. 106-108. [Download] 
肖薇, 黄潇. 2015. 共享服务业务向全球扩张. 博鳌观察. 2015年10月. 第14期. 122-124. [中文版下载] 

Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2012. Repeated Newsvendor Game with Transshipments. Invited Chapter, Handbook of Newsvendor Problems: Models, Extensions and Applications. T.-M. Choi (ed.). Springer, International Series in Operations Research and Management Science. [Download]


Huang, X., D. Zhang. 2018. Service Product Design and Consumer Refund Policies[Download]

Chakraborty, T., S. S. Chauhan, X. Huang. 2018. Go Upscale? Quality Competition between National Brand vs Store Brand[Download]


John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

MSCM 685 Supply Chain Risk Management, Winter 2018
MSCM 682 Sourcing and Global Logistics, Fall 2016, Fall 2017
SCOM/DESC 374 Supply Chain Logistics, Fall 2010-Winter 2015, Fall 2016-Winter 2017
GDBA 506 Operations Management, Fall 2011-Winter 2015
COMM 225 Productions/Operations Management, Fall 2010-Winter 2011

Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

BUAD 311 Operations Management, Fall 2007


There is currently one opening for highly-motivated graduate or postdoctoral students that are interested in the areas of operations management, supply chain management, operational economics and/or business analytics. Promising students should possess strong analytical or empirical skills in at least one of the following areas: stochastic modelling, operations research, applied game theory, experiment design and data analytics. Programming proficiency in but limited to Matlab, Mathematica, R or SAS, is an asset.

Interested candidates should send her/his most recent CV and names of at least two references to xiao.huang@concordia.ca 

Last Update: July 2018